Teacher Qualifications

Mark Wickens at Inspiration, looks for teachers who have completed their degrees and have at least one year of experience in the classroom or on a school board OT list.

He wants teachers that have the same vision as Inspiration does, and teachers who are Role Models for The Standards of Practice and Ethical Standards of the Teaching Profession in Ontario.

We look for teachers who:

  • have a B. Ed. qualification
  • are members of the OCT (or other teaching license)
  • have a police check and vulnerable sector check completed
  • have outstanding collegial collaborative problem-solving skills and are team players
  • are intrinsically motivated and future ready to teach
  • have outstanding character and strong values
  • can program for the differentiated needs of today’s classroom
  • are sensitive to all kinds of diversity and can program appropriately
  • are patient, respectful, honest
  • are organized, fun, and creative
  • are flexible patient and resilient
  • bring a sense of humour to school every day.
  • enjoy working with students inside and outside the classroom
  • develop organized unit plans and utilize backward design planning
  • can bring the world into the classroom
  • enjoys working with students of all ages and develop positive relationships.
  • understands Marzano’s High Yield Strategies
  • understands how to implement engaging Instructional Pedagogy
  • have excellent technology skills and know how to implement technology into the curriculum
  • are creative and promote inquiry based learning and utilize collaborative learning
  • incorporate the arts into their curriculum
  • can implement multiple kinds of assessment for, as and of learning


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